A.I. Stone Appreciation Initiative

The Appreciation Initiative is a program offered by A.I. Stone to show our appreciation for our Rebbeim, Moros and School Faculty by providing them and their families with Mens and Boys shirts at a subsidized price. Through this initiative, Rebbeim, Moros and School Faculty can purchase shirts at significantly discounted prices. To provide the maximum discount possible, A.I. Stone has implemented a system where all ordered shirts are sent to the manufacturer to be produced at once. Each individual order is then packaged at the factory. This approach allows us to cut out any unnecessary expenses associated with in-store costs and other factors, enabling us to pass on significant savings to Yeshiva staff participating in the program. You can order online, call in your order at 732-746-5035, by email, or by giving your completed paper order form to your school representative if your school has one.

Ordering Online

Important! Please read all the information before placing and order.

  • Eligibility: This initiative is limited to shirts listed on the designated initiative page. Shirts from other parts of the A.I. STONE website are not eligible for the discount.
  • Participants: The discount is available to Rebbeim, teachers, and support staff, including secretaries, therapists, and resource room staff. Family purchases, including in-laws and grandchildren, are also eligible.
  • Deadline: Orders must be received by December 13th, 2023, to qualify for the initiative. Note that our production capacity is limited, and we may close the program early if capacity is exceeded. We encourage early ordering.
  • Pricing and Coupon Codes: The regular price is $39 per men's shirt and $33 per boys' shirt. However, with unique coupon codes provided to participating schools, men’s shirts are $22 each, and boys’ shirts are $18 each. The discount applies only to items on the initiative page.
  • Men’s Shirts: These are from our Non-Iron Twill line. All sales are final. Exchanges may be allowed for common sizes in-store only, subject to conditions such as the shirt being unopened and in a resalable state. No mail exchanges are processed.
  • Boys’ Shirts: These are made from a high-quality fabric exclusive to this initiative, not including the 'CLEAN' liquid-repelling feature. All sales are final, with no returns or exchanges.
  • Delivery Timeline: Expected shipping starts on April 1st. While delays are not anticipated, they cannot be ruled out. Purchases are final, even in case of delays.
  • Payment Options: Payment is required before shipping. However, for those wishing to pay upon shipping, email your order and provide a credit card with the instruction "charge later". All other orders are charged upon receipt.
  • Shipping: A flat fee of $5 per order, with direct home delivery.
  • Minimum Order: There is no minimum order requirement.
  • Discount Exclusivity: This initiative's discount cannot be combined with other offers and is exclusively for Yeshiva staff.
  • Hilchos Ribbis Consideration: There is no concern of Ribbis when issuing pre-payment as per Rabbi Yaakov Ephraim Forcheimer, Senior Posek of Bais Medrash Govoah. Information regarding our terms and haskamah can be found here